1st December 2020: Fire Lily (aka Lucy) is doing very well. She has a big will to work and play and learns very easy. It is a pleasure to do obedience with her. We are practising rally obedience, cani cross and mantrailing, and she loves every minute. Unfortunately Lucy is not that open minded and self-confidend like her mother Chilli or grandmother Enya. But she is giving her best and if she has a minute, she comes for petting. Or treats ;)

23rd May 2019: The puppies have gone last November. They were so cute, I love them so much. They are always funny, love to cuddle or play, have a good drive and are really friendly dogs.

18th September 2018: Our F-Litter was born! This morning Chilli gave birth to 4 males and 3 females. All are Groenendael!
Mme. Jaune had a little bit problems, but know are all healthy and very active. ;)

13th August 2018: Yes, Chilli is pregnant! Now we have to wait for the 19th of September and look how many puppies there are.

21st July 2018: On the 19th and 20th July Doerak and Chilli met. In the beginning Chilli was not overwhelmed by this daredevil but finally got convinced by his daredevil charme. We are now very confident that Chilli will be giving birth to many cute pups within nine weeks time.

09th July 2018: Chilli is in heat now! So we expect the puppies in the middle of September.

05th July 2018: We are waiting for Chilli's heat...

1st June 2018: After a long and hard way I decided to use

Doerak van't Murselt.

He is not a champion of beauty, but he has good bones and not too much coat. He has an outgoing character and loves people and especially kids.
Training in IPO is his greatest thing, but at home he is a relaxed guy.
In combination with Chilli the puppies should have a very friendly and open character, but always ready for fun and work and chill out ;)

6th October 2017: New sites in English are on now!

It took a while - but finally it is on! I am very glad to present to you the English version of my homepage! As the English version is not an exact copy of the German version, I would like to explain the main differences:

  • "news" section: I will not translate "older" news but from today I will try to always translate the German news into English, too.
  • "dogs" section: The links contained on these sites for Enya and Chilli ("character", "pedigree", "sport", "show") are currently available in German only.
  • I skipped the German "allerlei" section for the moment. This section contains more background information about my family ("allerlei"/"ueber uns"), how we keep our litter and how we educate the pups ("allerlei"/"Welpenaufzucht"), and how I feed my dogs ("allerlei"/"ernaehrung"). Then I included some general information about belgium shepherds ("allerlei"/"der belgische schaeferhund") and finally added general links to other web pages, which I recommend ("allerlei"/"links"). I will try to translate this section into English as soon as possible.
  • "gallery" section: As I would have to double the gallery for the English version, this gallery will remain in German, but I trust that you will be able to make it even though it is in German as the content is almost self-explanatory.
  • "footer" section: Not yet adapted.


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